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General Information / Instructions

   As a C.C. Billing Merchant, you are authorized to accept all Visa/MasterCard credit cards that have been issued by institutions affiliated with Visa/MasterCard International.

  Once you have established that a client will be paying their account with Visa or MasterCard, complete the itemized invoice as provided to you by C.C. Billing. This is necessary as your client will likely wish to seek reimbursement of these expenses from their insurance company. The information you gather and provide on this itemized invoice will also be of key importance in the event of a chargeback or query at a later date. You may wish to complete much of this invoice ahead of time; not in the presence of your client. Please BLOCK PRINT for clear legibility. You have also been provided with a BCMA- GUIDE TO FEES UPDATE to be used as a guideline for calculating your fees.

  A transaction fee of 8% will be levied by C.C. Billing on each transaction that is processed. Only use approved Visa / MasterCard supplies. Correctly identify your client's card as an authentic Visa / MasterCard. By checking the card, you reduce the risk of chargebacks. Tips to help you spot fraudulent cards can be found in your Visa and MasterCard Merchant Service Manuals and include detailed instructions to assist you through your checking process as follows:


  If for any reason you become suspicious of a transaction or cardholder, follow "Code 10 procedures" as outlined in your Visa /MasterCard Merchant Service Manuals.


  The term "Chargeback" refers to a returned transaction resulting from a violation of your Merchant Agreement or Visa /MasterCard Regulations. How to avoid chargebacks:
  -For all face-to-face transactions, it is imperative that a manual imprint and original signature appear on the sales slip
  -Do not alter a cardholder's sales slip or other documentation after a sale is completed
  -Follow all recommended checks and guidelines as set forth in the Visa / MasterCard Merchant

Services Manual
  Returned transactions will be invoiced directly back to you with a supporting explanation. Payment of any chargeback to you will be payable to C.C. Billing within 15 days. The C.C. Billing transaction fee will not be refundable in the event of a chargeback.

Completing a Visa / MasterCard Sale and Imprinting the Sales Slip

  When a client hands you a Visa / MasterCard card as payment, keep it for the duration of the transaction and follow these basic steps:

1  Scrutinize the client's card as instructed in your Visa / MasterCard Manual
2  Place the card face up between the top plastic guides
3  Position the sales slip over the bottom half of the client's card, using the bottom plastic guides
4  Slide the imprinter handle from left to right, and back again
5  Check the imprinted slip, and ensure that all details embossed on the client's card and your metal merchant plate are clearly printed on all copies of the slip
6  Complete the sales slip clearly in pen and within the boxes; indicate today's date; briefly describe the service, including your own name; enter the dollar amount of the service and total amount of sale
7  Have the client sign in your presence.  Without a signed sales slip, your transaction will not be processed.
8  Check the client's signature carefully.  This will help you avoid chargebacks
9  Distribute to the client; the client copy of the sales slip, and their credit card

Only after the Visa/MasterCard sales slip has been imprinted, completed and signed:

10 Fax or phone the transaction details to C.C. Billing
11 Immediately send to C.C. Billing either by mail or by courier using one of the envelopes as provided by C.C. Billing:

  1. The Merchant and Processing copies of the Visa/MasterCard sales slip  
  2. The Itemized Invoice (once the transaction has been successfully processed, we will provide a copy of this itemized invoice to your client if they request one)

The Process: